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Since the inception of mechanical HVAC the basic design characteristics of the equipment used for heating and cooling have been only made larger and more powerful for large buildings while employing the same principles. The introduction of hot or cold air does not effectively distribute it within the structures. The manufactured air results in areas which are may be hot or cold depending on distance from air ducts. Stagnant air in hot or cold areas are present in systems with large air handlers or roof top units with direct discharge/return or distribution with duct work. The dissimilar air temperatures and lack of effective circulation created by traditional systems contribute to the accumulation of humidity, and a subsequent oppressive feel whether heating or cooling. Air conditioning that is ineffective distracts from any semblance of comfort. Due to the lack of circulation, the heat at the ceiling compromises the insulation value of the roof in the cold months. As a result, efficiency is compromised and energy costs soar literally through the roof! The effective and practical resolution of these issues is now the basis for an entirely new, economically appropriate, proven, system approach. This system presented by DAM FANS LLC utilizing proven Coenco Air Movers, provides reduced energy use and comfortable conditions in all buildings large and small. The savings benefits can result in fast recovery of the initial costs and years of annual energy expense savings that go right to your bottom line. The Air Movers that we recommend, unique ability to propel a bullet of air great distances that will impact your walls and corners causing total circulation and destratification of any open space. Whether cycling or in heating or cooling override, these Air Movers create a stable and efficient indoor air mass regardless of the outside weather changes which we cannot control.

Destratification of Air for Comfort Efficiency

Stratification of air within a building occurs because hot air rises and cool air sinks due to its weight. This results in hot air being trapped near the ceiling and cold air remaining near the floor unless you introduce the air flow created by Directional Air Movement. By installing our DAM FANS in your facility you will achieve a uniform temperature throughout the structure and save money by efficiently utilizing the heat introduced into your building during winter and the air conditioning used during summer. You should immediately notice the gentle breeze created and you will certainly notice that your heating and air conditioning only kick on for brief periods to keep you comfortable and save your hard earned dollars.

  • The bullet-like air mover pattern from our commercial fans creates a forceful impact at the walls and corners creating a gentle and pleasant interior air movement, and creates a uniform air mass throughout the entire open space of the building.

  • The destratification of the entire air volume by air movement in a building creates a thermal equilibrium of the air within the structure and its contents. Through cycling of the air movers, the equilibrium conditions within the building can be maintained in a consistent manner in response to exterior weather changes.

  • With the uniform thermal mass established, a single thermostat can control and provide desired interior conditions through overall control of the air mover cycle. Override operation of the system can occur for short periods, only when preset temperatures are met as a result of the effective + or – 1 degree control capability.
  • Then, if necessary at precise temperature points, your HVAC system expends energy to (heating or cooling) the air usually for only a minute or two while the 1 degree change is facilitated. The prompt reversal of the approach to continued cycling is a fundamental key to the success of the DAM FAN system and the reason for significantly lower energy costs through the use of air movement.
  • The pull of the air mover units incorporate and distribute outside fresh air and moisture, whether from building vents, air leaks or open doors. This unique capability allows subsequent favorable air and humidity changes which create an adequate fresh air exchange. This results in an inside fresh air environment that can be described as making or allowing a building to “breathe”.
  • Likewise, when exhaust is needed, the effective circulation greatly improves the desired conditions resulting in reduction of at least 50-70% of traditional exhaust equipment costs and creating additional savings benefits.
  • Acclimation occurs as a result of the thermal uniformity throughout. The identification of specific temperature and humidity range as a subsequent viable and practical solution to comfort / function is now possible. As the seasons change, significant energy savings occur because of the feel of the air movement allowing lower thermostat settings in the winter and higher in the summer.

The System upon which DAM FANS LLC relies, has been proven to greatly reduce HVAC equipment usage when properly implemented.  Directional Air Movement can help reduce your energy costs dramatically!

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